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Taranaki War timeline
(Mid-west area of the North Island)
First conflict commencing 1859, building up until the taking of Parihaka by Government troops, 1881.
1859 Te Atiawa tribe offers to sell land at Waitara. Surveying commences in 1860, but is interrupted by Wiremu Kingi Te Rangitake, a Te Atiawa chief who objects to the land sale. After fighting between settlers and British troops, a ceasefire is agreed upon in 1861.
1860 Bombardment by troops of the Te Atiawa pa, at Te Kohia on 17th March. Te Atiawa tribe suffers little loss, but abandon the pa.
1860 27th June. Battles between British troops and Te Atiawa with their allies at two pa : of Puketakauere and Omukukaitari. Heavy losses inflicted on British troops.
1860 11th - 12th October. British artillery bombardment of Orongomaihangi pa (Kahihi River, south of New Plymouth). The following morning, the pa is discovered abandoned.
1860 6th November. First victory for British troops. Ngati Haua and Waikato tribes defeated.
1861 General Pratt, leading over 2000 soldiers, advances via a trench, along the Waitara River, in a series of attacks against Māori pa.

General Cameron leads over 2000 soldiers north from Wanganui. Forts are set up near river mouths in order to facilitate the reception of supplies arriving by sea.

1865 Practically the totality of the Taranaki land area is confiscated.
1865/66 British set up positions west of Waitotara.
1866 General Chute, successor of General Cameron, takes the pas of Okotuku and Putahi. Settlers begin occupying confiscated land between the rivers of Waitotara and Waingongororo.
1868 In protestation, Ngati Raunui and Nga Ruahinerangi construct a pa at Te Ngutu-o-te-Manu.
1868 Titokowaru leads a successful offensive against British and colonial positions at Waitotara.
1869 Titokowaru's inside support collapses. He retreats into the upper Waitara Valley, were he is protected by the Ngati Maru.
1869 British positions at Waitotara recovered.
1878 Settlers and surveyors penetrate land across the Waingongororo River. Te Whiti and Tohu lead pacifist resistance by civil disobedience, at their large settlement of Parihaka.
1881 2000 Government troops break up the Parihaka settlement. Both Te Whiti and Tohu are deported to the South Island.
Source : The New Zealand Historical Atlas - Bateman
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