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  In the beginning - separation from Gondwana
  Arrival of the Polynesians
  The first Europeans :
  The French maritime situation 15th/16th centuries
The Musket Wars
  Background to the Musket Wars
  Before annexation
  Baron Charles Hippolyte de Thierry
  The nomination of James Busby
  The New Zealand Company
  The Treaty of Waitangi
  A note on the annexation of New Zealand
  French colonists in Akaroa, South Island
  Dates marking post-colonial European history
  Dates marking post-colonial Māori history
  Local history links
  Early Māori/English place names
The New Zealand Wars
  Background to the Wars
  The fall of Kororareka
  Pai Maarire and the Hauhau movement
  Te Kooti - resistant, prophet, founder of the Ringatu church
  The Battle of Gate Pa
  The taking of Parihaka : Taranaki prophets Te Whiti and Tohu
  Taranaki War timeline
Māori history and culture
  Brief prehistory
  Early habitations
  The Haka, the Taua
  Ta Moko - the Tattoo
  Whakapapa (genealogy)
  Arts and Crafts
  The Marae
  The Tangi (funeral)
  Religion and spirituality
  Tapu and Noa
  Māori legends :
  Dates marking Māori history
  Today - Māoritanga
  Glossary of Māori - English words
  Māori sport and games :

» The rules of Ki-o-Rahi

» Ki-o-Rahi videos
  Māori kite flying
  Poi Toa
  The board game of Mu Torere
The Moriori people
  Brief history
Timelines and listings
  Timeline of events in New Zealand history
  Premier and Prime Minister timeline
  New Zealand "firsts"
  Famous New Zealanders
  Commonwealth Games - New Zealand gold medallists 1930 - 1994
  Important dates marking post-colonial European history
  Important dates marking post-colonial Māori history
  Hongi Hika - Chief of the Nga Puhi
  Te Rauparaha - Chief of the Ngati Toa
  Te Kooti - resistant, founder of the Ringatu church
  Michael Joseph Savage - Prime Minister
New Zealand today
  General information
  Picture slideshow
  Quiz (3)
  Interactive history map of New Zealand (16k)
  About me
  New Zealand news in France
  FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  Resource Material
  The New Zealand store
  Documentary DVDs
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 Please be aware that this website is a personal homepage. It would therefore be wise to cross check information which I have presented here. A list of many official New Zealand history sites may be found within my Links section.