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1. Polynesians are thought to have arrived in New Zealand around which time period?

2. Who was the first European to discover New Zealand?

3. In which year did the first European discover New Zealand?

4. The Māori, indigenous people of New Zealand, are of which origin?

5. Who was the first French navigator to arrive in New Zealand?

6. Which Frenchman presented plans for the colonisation of the South Island for France?

7. In which year was the "Treaty of Waitangi" signed between Māori chieftans and the British?

8. Edward Gibbon Wakefield founded "The New Zealand Company" with the aim of :

9. When did first hostilities between Māori and European first commence?

10. In which year did the last of the British Imperial Forces leave New Zealand after wars with the Māori ?

11. Which French navigator established the most detailed charter of the New Zealand coastline after that of Captain James Cook?

12. In which year were New Zealand women granted the right to vote?

13. Which town was the first capital of New Zealand?

14. New Zealand was the first country in the world to regulate nurses nationally. In which year?

15. Which of these cities is the capital of New Zealand?

16. Which of these is the oldest university in New Zealand?

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