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Some New Zealanders who have achieved world-wide and/or national fame


ALLWRIGHT Graeme Folk singer (site in french)
BATTEN * Jean Aviator
BLAKE Peter, Sir Navigator
BUCK (Te Rangihiroa)* Peter Henry Sir Anthropologist
CAMPION Jane Film director
FRAME Janet Writer
GOLDIE * Charles Frederick Artist
HILLARY Edmund, Sir Conqueror of Mt Everest
JACKSON Peter Film Director/actor
KING * Frederic Truby Plunket Society founder
LINDAUER * Gottfried Artist
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McCLAREN Bruce Motor racer
MANSFIELD * Katherine Writer
MARSH * Edith Ngaio, Dame Writer
MUNRO Herbert J. (Burt) Motorcycle land-speed record-holder.
NGATA * Apirana Sir Māori leader
POMARE * Maui Sir Māori Leader
RANGI* (Dennan) Rangitiaria (Guide Rangi) Tourist guide, cultural ambassador
RUTHERFORD * Ernest Scientist
SHEPPARD * Kate Womens suffragist
SNELL Peter Athlete
TE KANAWA Kiri Opera singer
TE WIATA * Inia Opera singer
Names marked with an asterix (*) indicate that a complete biography may be found at the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography website
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Sports - The Commonwealth Games

Brief history

In 1911 a "Festival of Empire" was held in London. In 1930 the first full Commonwealth sport event named the "Empire Games", and was held in Ontario, Canada.

In 1954 the "Empire Games" was renamed the "British Empire and Commonwealth Games". In this year, the games were held under the new name at Vancouver, in Canada.

In 1958 the "British Empire and Commonwealth Games" became the "British Commonwealth Games", held in Cardiff.

Finally, in 1974 the "British Commonwealth Games" became the "Commonwealth Games", held in Christchurch, New Zealand.

New Zealand gold medallists timeline
Empire / Commonwealth games, 1930 - 1994


Empire Games, Canada, 1930
J. Savidan Six miles
S.Lay Javelin
Brough, Olson, MacDonald, Sandos and Eastwood Rowing 4 with cox
Empire Games, London, 1934
Jack Lovelock One mile
Empire Games, Sydney, 1938
V.P. Boot 880 yards
C.H. Mathews Three miles and six miles
Whittaker, Robertson, Jury, Bremner Bowling fours
Macey, Dennison Bowling pairs
Empire Games Auckland, 1950
(long break because of World War 2)
W. Nelson Six miles
Yvette Williams Long jump
J. Pirret Lawn bowls singles
R. Henry, E. Exelby Lawn bowling pairs
F. Creagh Heavyweight boxing
Johnson, O'Brien, James, Carroll, Johnstone Coxed four rowing
Barry, Lucas, Chambers, Amos 880 yards relay swimming
R. Cleghorn Heavyweight weightlifting
J. Armitt Featherweight wrestling
D. Mudgeway Bantam weight wrestling
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British Commonwealth Games, Cardiff, 1958
Murray Halberg Three miles
Valerie Sloper Women's shotput
R. Douglas, R. Parker Coxless pairs
J. Morris, R. Pilkington Lawn bowls pairs
British Commonwealth Games, Perth, 1962
Murray Halberg Three miles
Peter Snell 880 yards and one mile
Valerie Young Shotput and discus
W. Coe Welterweight boxing
M. Coleman Individual foil, fencing
H. Robson, R McDonald Lawn bowls pairs
J. Hill Singles sculls
G. Paterson, K. Heselwood, H. Smedley, W. Stephens, D. Pulman Coxed fours
British Commonwealth Games, Kingston, 1966
Leslie Mills Discus
R. Welsh 3.000m steeplechase
Roy Williams Decathlon
Valerie Young (née Sloper) Shotput and discus
W. Kini Heavyweight boxing
David Gerrard 220 yards butterfly
Donald Oliver Heavyweight weightlifting
British Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh, 1970
B. Biddle Cycling road race
H. Kent 1000m cycling time trial
Commonwealth Games, Christchurch, 1974
Robin Tait Discus
Richard Taylor 10.000m
D. Baldwin, P. Clark, D. Jolly, J. Somerville Lawn bowls fours
M. Gordon Rifle shooting
J. Parkhouse 800m freestyle swimming
M. Treffers 400m individual swimming medley
A. Ebert Middle weight lifting
G. May Super heavy weight lifting
D. Aspin 82kg wrestling class
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Commonwealth Games, Edmonton, 1978
Michael Richards Individual pursuit cycling
John Woolley Skeet shooting
Gary Hurring 200m backstroke
Rebecca Perrott 200m freestyle
Precious McKenzie 56kg weightlifting division
Commonwealth Games, Brisbane, 1982
Anne Audain 3.000 m
Mike O'Rourke Javelin
Neroli Fairhall Archery
Craig Adair 1.000m cycling time trial
John Woolley Skeet shooting
Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh 1986
(boycotted by 31 teams)
I. Dickison Bowls
Stephanie Foster Single sculls
Stephanie Foster, Robin Clark Double sculls
G. Yelavich Free pistol and air pistol shooting
Anthony Mosse 200 m butterfly
Sylvia Hume 100 m backstroke
J. Peau Heavyweight boxing
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Commonwealth Games, Auckland, 1990
Tania Murray High jump
Judy Howat, P. Watson Lawn bowls women's pairs
Michael Kenny Boxing super heavy weight
Ian Richards, Graeme Miller, Brian Fowler, Gavin Stevens Men's cycling 100 km time trial
Graeme Miller First individual cycling road race
Nigel Donnelly, Glenn McLeay, Stuart Williams, Gary Anderson Men's cycling 4000 m team pursuit
Gary Anderson Men's cycling 400 m individual pursuit
Gary Anderson Men's cycling ten miles scratch race
Madonna Harris Women's cycling 3.000 m individual pursuit
A. Walker Women's rythmic rope gymnastics
Nikki Jenkins Women's vault gymnastics
B. Cooper Men's under 65 kg judo
R. Harvey 50m individual free rifle shooting (prone)
S. Patterson, R. Harvey 50 m pairs free rifle prone
P. Carmine, A. Clarke 10 m pairs running target shooting
Anna Simcic Women's 200m backstroke
A. Mosse Men's 200m butterfly
Commonwealth Games, Victoria, Canada, 1994
Danyon Loader 200m butterfly
Mark Rendell Cycle road race
Stephen Petterson Individual smallbore
Lindsay Arthur Smallbore pair

Source :
New Zealand Encyclopedia 4th Edition - Bateman

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