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[Meade, Herbert (Lieutenant)], 1842-1868 :Pai Marire karakia, held by the Te Hau fanatics at Tataroa, New Zealand, to determine the fate of their prisoners. January 27th, 1865.

Shows a group of Māori circling around a flagpole which flies three native flags (including a red flag representing the war god Riki).

At the right two guards stand beside the seated and bound figures of Herbert Meade and his guide Hemipo, and there is a campfire in the right background. The whole is in a clearing circled by eight Māori dwellings, and there are trees and bush in the background.

The participants who circle the flagpole, are waving long sticks above their heads.The top flag on the pole is a long red triangular pennant with a red cross on it. The bottom one is also a red tringular pennant, but the white cross on it is diagonal. The centre flag is black on the left half and blue on the right, and there is a white cross (Christian?) in the left half.


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